Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Healthy life = happier life

I have to admit that when I am eating healthier, I feel healthier. I also am expecting for my lower back and my knees to ease up soon, but they're still hurting after rough days. I enjoy waking up without a foggy head, and sleeping so well at night. It's been wonderful. Now, if only I could get that high from exercising like everybody talks about then we'd be doing even better! I can exercise all day and I still hate it.


  1. It takes a while to really enjoy exercising. I think it's when we are not doing it to lose weight that we are doing it to enjoy it.

    YES you are right, healthier = happier

  2. I agree about the healthier food causing feeling healthier. On exercise, truthfully, I've always been a reluctant exerciser. But I'm finally getting with it. I don't get any exercise high (alas!), but I use distraction to help me. SO, I walk outside -- with my husband and we talk. Or I walk on the treadmill -- and watch shows on the DVR. Or I use the exercise bike and read during it. I like the results of exercise, but distraction helps me lot during the exercise itself.

    Another thing is that except for the walking outside I break it up into smaller sessions (usually 20 minutes now, but has been as little as 10). So I'll do 20 minutes then take a break and then come back and do it again. That way I don't get as tired.

    1. That's a really good idea-breaking exercise up. I've never thought to do that!