Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome to Nashville, y'all!

Nashville has always been home to me. It's always good to come back. Yesterday on the road went fine. I had packed enough healthy snacks that we didn't even really get hungry for lunch. I didn't get hardly any of my water in, because if I drink too much we have to stop too much.  We brought all 4 dogs, and it's still to be determined if I'm going to pull all my hair out. They are bad dogs on roadtrips.

Dinner went well, we grilled some chicken and boiled some green beans. Mom was kind of funny, she kept trying to get J to eat more. After dinner, she offered ice cream which J can't turn down. We calculated how many calories he could have which turned out to be a cup of vanilla ice cream. My mom gave him a huge bowl. I started to protest, but mom scolded me.

"Let the boy eat." She said.

Southern women are so bossy.

Here is Luna, our oldest. She looks sweet, but she is really planning her next move to run away or pee on something. They all turn into bad dogs when we take them on roadtrips. Unfortunately, our dog sitter AND backup dog sitter were gone this weekend. So here we are.


  1. It's always hard to eat healthy when traveling

  2. I haven't mastered food on the go yet beyond an emergency granola bar in the car. You have a cute dog!

    At the foolsfitness blog we are more cat people though... powerful panthers... ok OK more Garfield.-Alan

  3. I am an equal opportunity lover of animals. It's the cats who don't like me. Guess I'm not a person cat ( get it?? Like cat person)?