Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Work schedule conundrum

First of all, let me say I only work 3 days a week. I am spoiled. However, my job is chaotic. I am an RN on a critical care unit that is constantly busy. You never know what patients will be admitted, it is not uncommon we work short handed, and some of the patients can be very sick. Some days, there's just no way I'm gonna get lunch. I know this because there are days I quite literally don't sit down. My usual shift is 11:30 to midnight. I love this shift, because I can wake up about 8am, eat my breakfast, get to work a little early and eat a snack and then I'm usually good for a while. After management leaves I can eat out on the unit, so then I only have to wait until 5 before I can eat again. My eating schedule when I work 11:30 to midnight is like a well oiled machine.


When I work 7:30am to 8:00pm, all bets are off. I get up at 5 and eat breakfast, and then, (for instance, yesterday) I don't eat again until 3. The next chance I get to eat is then after the shift is over, around 8:00. Yesterday did not go so well. I reverted back to the old Paige. I was so hungry when I left work that I was convinced I was going to cheat.
 "Just this once," my bad angel said. Then, the good angel on the other shoulder said, "yeah, actually she's right. You've done really well so far." So I went for it. I had a ton of calories left, so I don't think I blew it too bad- although I know I still went over for the day.

Anyway, I guess the whole synopsis of the journal entry is to tell you I cheated on my diet with fast food yesterday.

There I said it.


  1. Oups I'm going to stop reading your blog... I just want to read about the perfect people ha ha ha

    I also worked shifts in my life, meals were always the biggest issue. I found that to stay away from the junk, I had to plan ahead. I would have healthy treats ready to eat as soon as possible. This way I would not need to turn to the bad angel for counseling. That is when I was concern about my weight. When I was not, the bad angel and I would laugh in the face of the good angel while stuffing our face with chips and chocolate.

    1. I bet if I stuck to eating small snacks that didn't need prep and get by on healthy grazing, and then I wouldn't be so viciously hungry when I got off at 8:00. (light bulb moment) Richard you rock! We should probably start treating our good angels better or they are going to turn on us.