Thursday, April 23, 2015

Loveland Bike Trail

Today I tried out the Loveland Bike Trail. I think the whole bike trail runs over a hundred miles, and goes from North of Columbus down to the Ohio River. Eventually I would like to make it all the way down to Downtown and back, but that's over 30 miles.

This is where the bike trail passes through Loveland. It's beautiful! I didn't go far today, just scoping it out. Another phone app I love- My Tracks. I love it! I just pushed play when I was about to start my bike ride, put my phone in my pocket and took off. Here is a picture of my route:

I really enjoy my new bike riding hobby!


  1. This look like a gorgeous bike path. Few more weeks of training and you will do the whole 100 miles back and forth, I could do it as long it was going down hill the whole time and a strong wind in my back :)

  2. That does look a brilliant bike trail ... I have to say it's many years since I've been on a bike - it's a walking trail I now look for.

    All the best Jan