Friday, April 10, 2015

Travel experiment #2

Today J and I are headed to Nashville to visit my family. I think we'll be fine with our foods, my whole family are chronic dieters. We are all trying to lose weight. I already called my mom and let her know we are doing our own thing. The drive up and the drive back are the times when I see a problem. Although, now that J and I are both on diets, maybe it won't be that big of a deal. We'll have to see. I'm glad, however, that my family is accepting, and will do anything to help us stay on track. Hopefully, we can get a little exercise in while we're there, too.


  1. Giving up snacking during road trips are practically impossible for me. It's something I have burning doing since childhood. Whenever we went on family trips....snacks were everywhere.

    1. It's really hard for me, too. That and stopping for fast food on the way. Luckily today we did neither. But I definitely know what you mean. We did the same thing growing up- grabbing snack food every time we stopped.

  2. There is healthy choices on the road... Craker Barrels has salad, yes you read right, SALAD. I didn't know that, I learn it the last time we were on the road. Subway 6 inches ham sub with pile of vegetables (no cheese) with just a small line of light mayo... perfect for the road too. We also went to 5 guys, a little burger (no cheese no bacon) and we split a small fries, didn't even eat the whole small fries, perfect.