Monday, April 13, 2015

Weigh in day!

Today day is weigh in day, and the results are:

I am down 1.4 pounds from last week for a total of 14.8 pounds. I'm not losing very fast, but at least I am still losing. I understand it is by my own doing that I am not losing as fast as expected. I chose to up my calorie intake so I wouldn't get bored on my diet, I choose not to exercise like I know I should. Honestly, after traveling and reducing my water so drastically I'm thankful to have lost at all.

I forgot about the pictures. (sorry!!) Maybe I can take some later today. I hope everyone excels at their weight loss endeavors this week! Good luck!


  1. Slow and steady win the race Tall girl. After your trip a very decent lost, well done!