Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1200 calorie diet

I was thinking about my calorie app yesterday- Myfitnesspal. It says that my recommended calorie intake is 1200 calories. I sat there and thought about my diets before. I have always tried to stay under 1200 calories and it is impossible for me to try and not cheat. On the first day of my calorie counting, I plugged in my weight, and then saw what my recommended calories were- 1200 calories popped up again. I sat down and thought about how dedicated I was to stay under 1200 calories. I'm not. I don't want this diet to fail so I tweaked my calories. I now have to stay under 1800 calories which doesn't seem that hard to do at all! It's actually pretty easy. I always come in between 1500-1700. I understand that as I lose weight it would probably become easier to continue to see the numbers drop as I curb my calories. When the time comes, I will address it. I am quite happy with my 1800 calorie a day diet for the time being. What do you guys think?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Weigh in #3

It's weigh in day! That means picture day... let's see how I did...

Not a huge loss...but I'll take it. So to date the weight loss amount is 11.6 pounds. I would like for it to be more, but that's all completely up to me. I've not exactly done a great job getting out there and hustling.

Now picture time...the pictures this week were not very good quality because I did not turn the flash on. In hindsight I should have, but my friend and I were chatting and not paying very close attention. So, with no further adeu...my pictures for this week:

For some reason I'm leaning to one side a little. Not really sure why. Anyway, no real change yet. Maybe some weight down in my face and neck.

 I think my profile is getting a little smaller. It's still hard to tell.

Again, I'm leaning to the side in this picture as evident by one back fat roll being larger than the other. What is my deal?? Oh well. The flash would have picked up the butt fat nicely. Unfortunately, there are none today. I did notice that my skin on my arms is a little flabbier. Is that from the weight loss or am I doing something weird with my arms. Why am I taking these pictures again? I thought I was suppose to start looking better...not weirder! Oh well.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


My husband and I were able to spend a rare day at home yesterday. It's rare that we get to spend the whole day together, but we were able to do that yesterday. We both held each other accountable for the foods we ate, and we both came in under our calorie goal for the day. I'm pretty excited. One thing I've noticed through this weight loss is that I sleep A LOT better at night. I use to toss and turn, waking up every few hours. Now, I literally close my eyes and don't open them again until the alarm wakes up. Even when the alarm wakes up, I am able to get up and get movin'. Yesterday I tried to exercise by riding my bike but it was freezing outside...literally! I did 15 minutes on the bike but at that point I couldn't feel my face and hands.

Today is the last day before weigh in tomorrow! We'll see how I did....

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back on track

Today I went back on track. I'm not even sad about it. I have my bad food desires out of my system and am looking on into the future. The future where I reap the benefits of my good decisions. I weigh in on Monday, and the husband weighs in on Tuesday. It's kind of fun that we are both doing this diet. I don't think that "J" (my husband) wants to do this diet forever, but he's trying to get his weight down so he can shave some time from his run time. He said he would give it a month to see how much weight he looses. He says he wants to lose 75 pounds, but I don't know where it'll come off. I thought he was maybe 15 pounds overweight.

I got on the scale and I weight exactly what I weighed last Monday, so I think hopefully even though I cheated I will still loose weight this week.

Hope everyone else is doing good, and have gotten all their cheats out of their system.

Friday, March 27, 2015

I fell off the wagon

Today I fell off the wagon for the first time since I've started my lifestyle change. I was in a class for a new piece of equipment all day, and I did not have a microwave to warm up my meal. Instead, the company hosting the class got us all barbecue. I tried as hard as I could to be good, but I was starving by the end of the class at 4:00. When I got out, of course traffic was horrendous. I was frustrated, had barely had anything to eat all day and just decided to have McDonald's for dinner. I should have fought it harder but my bad angel won this time. I do regret it, but I'm really not that upset about it. As long as I contain the damage, I think I will be alright. Tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rough week

This week has turned out to be a little rough. I have been very busy with work, and a few of those days at work were stressful because my patients were getting very sick. On top of that I have agreed to teach home schooled seniors Anatomy and Physiology next year. I think that will be a lot of fun, but becoming certified to teach a co-op is actually taking a lot more time than I thought. I worked on Monday, got home at 2 am, crashed, went back to work Tuesday, stayed till 2 AM, crashed and then had to wake back up on Wednesday to go to the co-op for a meeting with the director. I know it may sound like there are plenty of chances to sleep in that schedule, but between trying to get my menus scheduled and made, get my husbands menus scheduled and made, take care of the dogs, get to the store, etc., I was just exhausted yesterday. I opted for a 2 hour nap instead of working out. I actually stayed on my diet and didn't stray-I even got all my water in! However this was the first day in a while that McDonald's french fries popped in my head.  In spite of the diet, I just could not make myself exercise. Do you ever have weeks like that- where it feels like you just don't sit down? I hope it doesn't haunt me when I step on the scale Monday.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Fitness Pal

Remember how I said that I didn't like to count calories? Well, I don't...but I recently discovered My Fitness Pal app for my phone. It actually has a bar code scanner. You just scan the bar code of your item and it adds it to your diary!!

Now, come on...even I can do that!! I have been using this app for a few days now and I really like it! Are there apps that help with weight loss that I am missing? What is your favorite weight loss app?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Return to sender...

I thought at the beginning of my weight loss that it might be a neat way to stay motivated to write letters to myself after each 10 pounds lost. The day before I started my diet, I sat down and typed these letters, one to be read at 10 pounds, another at 20, etc. The 10 pound one I opened yesterday.

Yesterday, I thought that perhaps the letters were kind of stupid. However, after I opened it and read it- truly read it and thought about what I felt like WRITING that letter, it made me smile. I really like my idea. Of course the letter is very short because I didn't exactly know what to write myself, but it is heart felt.

Oh, and something I never thought would happen...the husband has started my diet with me. It'll be fun!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weigh in # 2

It's that day of the week again...Weigh in day!! Let's see how I did...

This week the scale says:

Woohoo!! That's another 3 pounds down for a total of 10.6 pounds!

And now the pictures. I was able to figure out how to make side by side pictures finally:

My front may look a little smaller. My face has gotten skinnier.

I obviously didn't do a good job of actually turning to the side on my first photo, but I think I've lost weight in this picture, too.

It's THIS picture that has me depressed. I don't look like I've lost any weight at all. In fact, I've added an extra back roll in there. How did that happen??

At least the scale shows a loss. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tweaking my diet

So tomorrow is weigh in day, but I thought I would take a quick peak at the scale- just to see what it says. It only says I am down half a pound, which concerns me. I feel like this at this point in my weight loss I should still be losing 3-5 pounds a week. I was thinking about my diet, and perhaps I am eating too many calories. I know in my prior posts I have commented about how I hate counting calories, but maybe I should just count them for a few days and make sure that I am not eating some crazy amount. The other thing I thought is that I lost 7 pounds last week, plus I had my time of the month this week. Maybe those 2 things have something to do with it. Who know. I'm gonna get out there and exercise today and maybe that will help drop an extra pound or two tomorrow. Weigh in day and picture day tomorrow!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies...What is their deal?

It's that time of year again...Girl Scout Cookie time! As I was leaving the store last week, a little girl scout, probably around 7 years old stopped me and asked me if I would like to buy a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. I simply told her I was on a diet, and was not interested in any cookies. The little girl made a sad face. I don't like when little kids look sad (I'm such a pushover) so I told her I would buy a box for my husband. I got over to the table and 2 moms were handling the money. I bought a box, and something inside me just snapped. I proceeded to tell the mothers that selling girl scount cookies in the spring when everyone was starting their diet is cruel, and that if they really wanted their sales to skyrocket to start selling them in the fall, when everybody is eating bad anyway because of the holidays. The moms just laughed at me and agreed. I didn't really mean to be funny, but oh well. I gave the girl scout cookies to my husband. He ate them so fast I never had to be tempted by them. He looks out for me like that.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Reminiscing ...

Yesterday I was sitting in my chair watching TV when I started thinking back on some of the reasons I wanted to lose weight. One among many reasons happened not too long ago. I was working at the hospital, it was around 5:00pm, and the doctors huddle in the unit around this time. Now, we are only a 10 bed unit, and if you say anything louder than a whisper, everyone- patients and personnel- in the unit can hear you. The huddle consists of all the residents, medical students and the attending. There were probably about 7 doctors present, and 4 other nurses besides me. I had just gotten a patient in and settled, and was emptying one of his drains. The patient sat straight up in bed, startling me, and I guess I squeezed the drain a little too hard because I jumped, changed the flow of the output and it got all over my scrubs. I calmed the patient down and tried to clean off my scrubs the best I could-but it was obvious I would need new scrubs.

I went out into the unit where the charge nurse, "D" sat. I love D, she is good. She is also loud and not able to read her surroundings all that well. I asked D to call the custodian to deliver me more scrubs. So D gets on her walkie talkie (they're called Voceras, but unless you work in health care you may never have heard of them. They are just like walkie talkies) and called the custodian. The Vocera was turned up so loud that several doctors turned around to stare at her to see what was going on. D told the very loud walkie talkie that Paige needed new scrubs.

"What size does she need?"
Me: "Um...(trying to whisper)...how about 2x...
D: "That'll be a 2x." (more of the doctors turned around to see what was going on behind them.
Custodian: Well, I'm out of 2x. I don't think she could fit into a 1 x, so I'll grab a 3x for her.

The custodian was not trying to be mean, he was just thinking out loud. This time everybody turned around and stared at us. I'm sure there were several people looking my way to see if I was in fact, too big for a 1x. I shrunk back into my patient's room and waited for the scrubs. Then, to make matters worse, the 3x was just a little too small. But you better believe I wore them around like they fit just right. I was not ABOUT to ask for a 4x.

Thank goodness I can laugh about this story now. I was mortified when it happened.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exercise is important

I have got this lifestyle eating under control. I really haven't felt that eating this way is hard. It's pretty easy. It's the exercise that's KILLING me!! I KNOW I need to get up early to go walk, but I'm not a morning person, and the room is so cold in the mornings, and I'm so warm under the covers. I have not been bad as far as my afternoon workout as far as starting them, but I tell myself to exercise for an hour and quit after a half an hour. It is self-control. It is discipline. Here I am writing like I don't know why this is happening, but obviously it is happening because I'm not trying hard enough. I wish I liked exercise! My husband loves to run. I wish I had that same drive. We'll see what the sale says at the end of the week amid this whole exercise dilemma.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I eat

I've not been counting calories, although I'm sure I should be. I just hate doing it, and I only last for a few days before I think, "screw it." I've really been focusing more on eating healthy and getting more fruits and veggies in. For breakfast I have been having:

Fruit smoothie (made with fresh strawberries and blueberries and light soy milk)
a low calorie Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich (about 230 calories or something like that)
a cup of coffee sweetened with splenda

Granola Bar (calories range but I try to keep it around 100 calories)

weight watcher meal

100 calorie yogurt
frozen veggies (keep under 100 calories)

weight watcher meal

I know I will probably have to start cooking my own lunch and dinner soon, but I just love these little meals. They range from 150-300 calories and are so easy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Hope this post turns out ok. My internet is down so I am writing this post on my phone. Earlier this year, before I got serious about weight loss, my husband and I decided to renew our King's Island membership. It was not unreasonable to buy the mealplan, which included 2 meals inside the park. Well at the time it was no big deal. Now, I am a little nervous about it because everybody knows the food in an amusement park is anything but healthy. I checked the Web meal plan and it does cover an antipasta salad from La Rosa's, but there's not much else that is healthy. I know nobody reads this blog, but if you just happen to pass through please share some ideas with me! I don't want this meal deal to go to waste.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weigh in #1

Today was weigh in day!!! And the results are:

First day

Week 1

Down 7.6 pounds baby!! Wow!! (and it wasn't ALL from the socks). I am out of the 290s, and I will never see them again!!


I'll have to figure out how to put these pictures side by side, but for now, they're just one on top of the other:


 week 1

 week 1                                                                                  

 week 1                                                 
These pictures are obviously hard to compare because I can't figure out how to make them sit side by side. I will have to investigate so that I can actually put them side by side next week. There's not much of a difference this week so I'm not too concerned about it.                           

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wrapping up the week

I am really doing much better than I thought I would this week. I really thought at this point I would have cracked. There were a few times that I had to make some last minute changes to snacks and meals because I would not be able to eat otherwise, and I didn't  even use it as a cop out to have to eat unhealthy (i.e. driving through McDonalds on my way to Knoxville because I wouldn't be able to eat what I had planned while driving). I actually am really proud of myself, and believe it or not, it makes me want to continue to eat healthy! Who knew, some sort of closed loop satisfaction:

I eat healthy--> I want to continue to eat healthy--> I eat healthy

I honestly have never done so well this long, literally not straying from my diet once. I really hope this is a new change for me.

It was the pictures...I knew they would work! You can't look at your butt head on and not want to lose weight!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back to Cincinnati

Well, yesterday I came back from my quick trip to see family. Again, I was afraid that I would mess my diet up, but actually I again did really well. I really want to go a whole week without completely blowing it. I saw a post in someone else's blog about overeaters anonymous (OA). I really want to check it out. I got on their website to look at their meeting places and there is one in my city!! I really am thinking about going. I think it would be awesome to get some face-to-face report from someone who isn't one of my friends who would say, "oh, well. That's how life goes sometimes. You were going good you deserve a break" if I went on an eating binge.

By the way, why is it that when someone goes on an eating binge, people just kind of laugh and go on. If someone fell off the wagon when they were battling with heroine everybody would be very distraught. I want my friends and family to be distraught if I gain weight. My poor husband, he would totally get onto me if I wanted him to, but after 2 years of being married to a fatty, he is afraid to say anything. He knows that in the past it hurt my feelings. He doesn't necessarily care about my weight, but he is skinny and he likes to do outside sports stuff, and I always feel self conscious, so I can never do them. Therefore, we always end up spending time together by going out to eat. (Or at least we did before I started this lifestyle change). Recently we got a Xbox One Sports Kinect. We actually do that together and have a lot of fun. I love that game.

Friday, March 13, 2015

My first traveling experience

Yesterday I left for Knoxville to visit my family for a short stay. I was kind of afraid to travel because I thought McDonalds French Fries would magically appeared in my car. Somehow, I managed to refrain and did pretty good, actually.  My aunt and uncle spoil me to no end so of course they took my to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse last night. We didn't even start eating dinner until 8:30pm and of course I wasn't going to not eat at Ruth's Chris, so I did have to cheat on my diet rules a little. I also may have had half a plate of fried Calamari, and a big ole steak. But I ordered asparagus instead of fries and stuck with water to drink. Doesn't that count for something???

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting My Water In

One of the hardest things for me with my new lifestyle change is getting in more water. The first biggest issue I encountered is "how much water should I be drinking a day?" I did some research, and everybody said something different (of course). Some said 8-8 oz. glasses of water a day. Some experts said to take your weight in pounds, and divide that  in half to get the number of ounces you need. Others said to not half your weight, but that you should drink 1/3 of your weight in water. Although there was conflicting data, somewhere between drinking 1/2 to 1/3 of your body weight in pounds converted to ounces seem to be what most experts were saying.

So I started trying to convert my weight to oz. and divide by 1/3, but I just kept getting frustrated. I hate having to do so much work to just figure out HOW much water to drink- I haven't even started the work of drinking it all yet! But then...I found this app. It ROCKS! It's called HydroCoach. It's a free app you can download onto your phone from the appstore:

I LOVE this little app! It calculates how many ounces of water you need to drink a day, and you can chart them with a few pushes of a button. It will even yell at you if you want! I don't like it chiming in every hour telling me to drink more water, so I turned it off.

As for my diet, yesterday went well. The biggest struggle (besides the water) is not eating after 7pm. I get off work at midnight, and was hitting up the 24 hour McDonalds down the road from work probably 2 or 3 times a week. I LOVE McDonald french fries. Anyway, my body got into the habit of eating around 11 or midnight. Now, my body is chiming in right around 10pm saying, "hello?? Aren't you going to feed me?" I know that the more I change my diet, my body will soon adapt. But I still am tempted by those McDonald french fries...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 3

Yesterday was a good day. I was pleased that I was able to maintain my diet while at work. I brought my lunch, dinner (I work 12 hour shifts) and healthy snacks. I ate only what I brought despite all the yummy candy that was laying around. I started making myself a fruit smoothy in the mornings and I really like them!
I was telling my coworkers yesterday that what I am doing is not a diet. It. is. a. lifestyle. change. Right now I'm not eating out, or eating anything extra that's not on my diet because I know it'll trigger my impulse to eat and I may just fall off the wagon.
I purchased a book on tape about food addiction. Listening to the book, they compared food addiction to food compulsion. I definitely think I could actually have food compulsion. The beginning of the book was barely able to hold my attention. "I already know all this stuff!" I thought! The book went over the basics....very basics. But as the chapters continued to ramble on, a lot of good information came through. Did you know food can illicit the same type of dopamine release in the brain as an illicit drug can in drug addicts? Who knew!
The book states that a lot of people, though they may be unconscious of it, turn to food because they feel lonely and get this- eating a certain kind of food (i.e. McDonalds french fries for me)- can actually stimulate the same areas of the brain that is stimulated when they feel like someone loves them!
When these pathways in the brain get use to that feeling after eating a trigger food, the brain correlates food with pleasure. Therefore, when you are sad, depressed, stressed- the brain thinks you need food to feel better - and the brain can actually try to convince you that you are hungry! The book states there are ways to train yourself to be able to tell whether you have actual hunger or compulsive eating. I may post those tomorrow, I'm still listening to that portion of the book.
The best sentence in the book states: Food DOES NOT love you back! Interesting....

The book I referenced is Food Addiction: Conquering Your Addiction Successfully; How To Get Out Of The Clutches Of Food Addiction For Good by Petra Ortiz

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Yesterday was not so bad! I stayed on track, only ate what I planned to eat and didn't eat after 7. I also went on a 3 mile walk/jog (mostly walk) and then another mile walk last evening. I'm feeling good! I'm trying to decide whether to weigh every day or once a week. I have read literature that says DO weigh every day and some that says DON'T. What are your thoughts?

Monday, March 9, 2015

Today is the day. I'm starting my new lifestyle, and ending my dieting days. Today, I am making a change. I am tired of losing weight and then putting it back on and then some. I have been busy reading everybody's weight loss blogs, and some bring tears to my eyes. I bet hitting maintenance is a feeling you can't put into words.

Today I got on the scale and saw this:

(Yes, I am aware that my socks don't match)

Yikes!! When did this happen?? To be honest, I breathed a sigh of relief I hadn't hit 300 pounds yet. Although, I'm not too far from it. But not anymore! I'm losing it!!!

First thing I am going to do: I am going to change my diet. I am going to eat 6 small meals a day. I am going to be conscious of my fruit and vegetable intake. I am going to steer clear of fatty foods, and watch my portions. As for exercise, I am going to job/walk two and a half miles in the morning and then do some form of exercise, whether walking or riding my bike in the evenings.

I have also decided to include some pictures, to really get me motivated. Yikes, I can't believe I'm posting these, but it's important that I realize how I look. In a way, I feel like there's no way I could be this big. But the pictures don't lie.

I know I have a really silly grin on my face. This is me trying to act cool, while getting a fat picture taken. How is one's face suppose to look?

You know what's funny about this picture? When my friend took it the first time, I sucked my gut it. I made her take one again with it all hanging out.

And ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. My rear end, sticking out there for all to see. How embarrassing. Please be nice to me, and don't leave really mean comments. For being 29 years old, I sure do have a plump rear end. I'm planning on losing it!!

And finally, my goals. I think that my ultimate goal would be that I want to be able to fit on the Diamondback. The Diamondback is a roller coaster at King's Island that was build in the 1970s before they were concerned about fat people being able to ride these rides. Therefore I cannot fit on it. Thankfully, I was not asked to get off the ride. The ride has a tester seat in the front, and it was pretty clear I was not going to fit.