Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What I eat

I've not been counting calories, although I'm sure I should be. I just hate doing it, and I only last for a few days before I think, "screw it." I've really been focusing more on eating healthy and getting more fruits and veggies in. For breakfast I have been having:

Fruit smoothie (made with fresh strawberries and blueberries and light soy milk)
a low calorie Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich (about 230 calories or something like that)
a cup of coffee sweetened with splenda

Granola Bar (calories range but I try to keep it around 100 calories)

weight watcher meal

100 calorie yogurt
frozen veggies (keep under 100 calories)

weight watcher meal

I know I will probably have to start cooking my own lunch and dinner soon, but I just love these little meals. They range from 150-300 calories and are so easy!

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