Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back to Cincinnati

Well, yesterday I came back from my quick trip to see family. Again, I was afraid that I would mess my diet up, but actually I again did really well. I really want to go a whole week without completely blowing it. I saw a post in someone else's blog about overeaters anonymous (OA). I really want to check it out. I got on their website to look at their meeting places and there is one in my city!! I really am thinking about going. I think it would be awesome to get some face-to-face report from someone who isn't one of my friends who would say, "oh, well. That's how life goes sometimes. You were going good you deserve a break" if I went on an eating binge.

By the way, why is it that when someone goes on an eating binge, people just kind of laugh and go on. If someone fell off the wagon when they were battling with heroine everybody would be very distraught. I want my friends and family to be distraught if I gain weight. My poor husband, he would totally get onto me if I wanted him to, but after 2 years of being married to a fatty, he is afraid to say anything. He knows that in the past it hurt my feelings. He doesn't necessarily care about my weight, but he is skinny and he likes to do outside sports stuff, and I always feel self conscious, so I can never do them. Therefore, we always end up spending time together by going out to eat. (Or at least we did before I started this lifestyle change). Recently we got a Xbox One Sports Kinect. We actually do that together and have a lot of fun. I love that game.

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