Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back on track

Today I went back on track. I'm not even sad about it. I have my bad food desires out of my system and am looking on into the future. The future where I reap the benefits of my good decisions. I weigh in on Monday, and the husband weighs in on Tuesday. It's kind of fun that we are both doing this diet. I don't think that "J" (my husband) wants to do this diet forever, but he's trying to get his weight down so he can shave some time from his run time. He said he would give it a month to see how much weight he looses. He says he wants to lose 75 pounds, but I don't know where it'll come off. I thought he was maybe 15 pounds overweight.

I got on the scale and I weight exactly what I weighed last Monday, so I think hopefully even though I cheated I will still loose weight this week.

Hope everyone else is doing good, and have gotten all their cheats out of their system.

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