Monday, March 30, 2015

Weigh in #3

It's weigh in day! That means picture day... let's see how I did...

Not a huge loss...but I'll take it. So to date the weight loss amount is 11.6 pounds. I would like for it to be more, but that's all completely up to me. I've not exactly done a great job getting out there and hustling.

Now picture time...the pictures this week were not very good quality because I did not turn the flash on. In hindsight I should have, but my friend and I were chatting and not paying very close attention. So, with no further pictures for this week:

For some reason I'm leaning to one side a little. Not really sure why. Anyway, no real change yet. Maybe some weight down in my face and neck.

 I think my profile is getting a little smaller. It's still hard to tell.

Again, I'm leaning to the side in this picture as evident by one back fat roll being larger than the other. What is my deal?? Oh well. The flash would have picked up the butt fat nicely. Unfortunately, there are none today. I did notice that my skin on my arms is a little flabbier. Is that from the weight loss or am I doing something weird with my arms. Why am I taking these pictures again? I thought I was suppose to start looking better...not weirder! Oh well.

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