Saturday, March 21, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies...What is their deal?

It's that time of year again...Girl Scout Cookie time! As I was leaving the store last week, a little girl scout, probably around 7 years old stopped me and asked me if I would like to buy a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. I simply told her I was on a diet, and was not interested in any cookies. The little girl made a sad face. I don't like when little kids look sad (I'm such a pushover) so I told her I would buy a box for my husband. I got over to the table and 2 moms were handling the money. I bought a box, and something inside me just snapped. I proceeded to tell the mothers that selling girl scount cookies in the spring when everyone was starting their diet is cruel, and that if they really wanted their sales to skyrocket to start selling them in the fall, when everybody is eating bad anyway because of the holidays. The moms just laughed at me and agreed. I didn't really mean to be funny, but oh well. I gave the girl scout cookies to my husband. He ate them so fast I never had to be tempted by them. He looks out for me like that.

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