Friday, March 20, 2015

Reminiscing ...

Yesterday I was sitting in my chair watching TV when I started thinking back on some of the reasons I wanted to lose weight. One among many reasons happened not too long ago. I was working at the hospital, it was around 5:00pm, and the doctors huddle in the unit around this time. Now, we are only a 10 bed unit, and if you say anything louder than a whisper, everyone- patients and personnel- in the unit can hear you. The huddle consists of all the residents, medical students and the attending. There were probably about 7 doctors present, and 4 other nurses besides me. I had just gotten a patient in and settled, and was emptying one of his drains. The patient sat straight up in bed, startling me, and I guess I squeezed the drain a little too hard because I jumped, changed the flow of the output and it got all over my scrubs. I calmed the patient down and tried to clean off my scrubs the best I could-but it was obvious I would need new scrubs.

I went out into the unit where the charge nurse, "D" sat. I love D, she is good. She is also loud and not able to read her surroundings all that well. I asked D to call the custodian to deliver me more scrubs. So D gets on her walkie talkie (they're called Voceras, but unless you work in health care you may never have heard of them. They are just like walkie talkies) and called the custodian. The Vocera was turned up so loud that several doctors turned around to stare at her to see what was going on. D told the very loud walkie talkie that Paige needed new scrubs.

"What size does she need?"
Me: "Um...(trying to whisper) about 2x...
D: "That'll be a 2x." (more of the doctors turned around to see what was going on behind them.
Custodian: Well, I'm out of 2x. I don't think she could fit into a 1 x, so I'll grab a 3x for her.

The custodian was not trying to be mean, he was just thinking out loud. This time everybody turned around and stared at us. I'm sure there were several people looking my way to see if I was in fact, too big for a 1x. I shrunk back into my patient's room and waited for the scrubs. Then, to make matters worse, the 3x was just a little too small. But you better believe I wore them around like they fit just right. I was not ABOUT to ask for a 4x.

Thank goodness I can laugh about this story now. I was mortified when it happened.

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