Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rough week

This week has turned out to be a little rough. I have been very busy with work, and a few of those days at work were stressful because my patients were getting very sick. On top of that I have agreed to teach home schooled seniors Anatomy and Physiology next year. I think that will be a lot of fun, but becoming certified to teach a co-op is actually taking a lot more time than I thought. I worked on Monday, got home at 2 am, crashed, went back to work Tuesday, stayed till 2 AM, crashed and then had to wake back up on Wednesday to go to the co-op for a meeting with the director. I know it may sound like there are plenty of chances to sleep in that schedule, but between trying to get my menus scheduled and made, get my husbands menus scheduled and made, take care of the dogs, get to the store, etc., I was just exhausted yesterday. I opted for a 2 hour nap instead of working out. I actually stayed on my diet and didn't stray-I even got all my water in! However this was the first day in a while that McDonald's french fries popped in my head.  In spite of the diet, I just could not make myself exercise. Do you ever have weeks like that- where it feels like you just don't sit down? I hope it doesn't haunt me when I step on the scale Monday.

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