Thursday, April 9, 2015

New recipes

It is officially grilling season! Until I really figured out how to get this calorie counting down to a science, I have been eating meals that have exact calories. I am always a little nervous I will  cook something and get the portion size wrong, or use an ingredient that will bring the calorie count up. Now that I am getting a little more familiar with portion sizes, and how to use my calories wisely I think I'm going to start cooking. Last night we got some turkey burgers and grilled them. I thought they were delicious. We put them on low-calorie pita bread, which was not so delicious, but I can try to figure out another alternative.

I'm really starting to get this down, and I hope know that through perseverance, and a little help from my friends I can continue to be successful in my weight loss endeavors.

By the way, J is doing really well, too. However, he feels like he is in food prison. He is 11 pounds down. Go J!


  1. We eat a lot of wrap using pita bread. My favorite (but please destroy this it is so SECRET) Chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, low fat shredded mozzarella (just a bit) and about 2 table spoon of light Italian dressing. Once it is wrap, we put the whole thing in the oven at broil until the pita is a little brown. One of those is really good on your calorie budget and so tasty.

    Go J Go! and you too Tall thin-in-training girl :)

  2. I will take your recipe to the grave. It sounds delicious!