Saturday, April 4, 2015

Preparing for Easter

Every year, our neighbor invites practically the whole church congregation over for a pot-luck lunch and a HUGE Easter egg hunt. Then, after the Easter egg hunt we sit on the couch and talk, and laugh until time for dinner. When it's dinner time she makes waffles. She's done it for years. It's become quite the tradition every Easter. This year I already decided that I'm just going to bring my own food. At some point in my lifestyle change I'm going to have to start incorporating other people's food into my regimen but I'm just not ready for that yet. My husband on the other hand is struggling a bit. He's already brought up the fact that he wishes he started his diet after Easter twice now. I told him that if it really bothered him just to eat the waffles, but I think he feels guilty unless I do it, too. But there will no cheating for this girl! I'm staying on track. Besides, it's not the waffles that call out to me. It's those delicious Cadbury Eggs. I know that Easter is all about Jesus, but I'm pretty sure those eggs are from the devil.

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