Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Weight debt

Today I got on my computer and looked at my total debt. My husband and I both have student loans, a few scattered credit cards and my husband still has a car payment. We decided to make a conscious effort to work on getting rid of our debt. All in all, it's pretty hefty but nothing we can't manage. As I sit here reflecting on our monetary debt, it reminds me of our physical debt we get ourselves into with each pound we gain. We spend the money we don't have to enjoy pleasures of the present instead of ensuring stability in our future. In the same way, we eat calories that we know we won't be able to sustain. We don't exercise to "pay" off the debt we've accumulated that day, and then we turn around a year- 2 years- 10 years later and we wonder how we got to be this way.

I'm sure there are some people out there who are the perfect weight AND have no debt. And I'm super jealous of them. I need to find one of them to be my life coach. I really would love a life coach. Is there really such a thing?

If any of my readers are a life coach, hook me up. I need life help.


  1. Yes there is people out there with perfect body and no debt, even have some money in the bank. But if you look at them closely, some of them are not happy. Some of them never work to get so much wealth and doesn't know how to do it. They were just born on the right side of the track the side with the right DNA or the right wealthy parents.

    You are young, there is not that many young people around that by themselves have achieve every thing that others need a life time to get.

    You are already conscious of your financial, you are already working on getting healthier, once you reached both goal, you will have learn so much, YOU will be in a position to be life coach for other.

    One day at the time, one goal at the time. If you have a library close by and that they have books from Zig Zigglar, I would really recommend reading them. At least the one about goal, for me, he was my life coach.

  2. I started taking control of my debt and my budget on January 1st. I've been using YNAB ("You Need a Budget"). I love it. It syncs from my phone to my computer, so I can enter what I spend at the grocery store right there. It costs $60, but there is a free thirty day trial, which I used first to see if I liked it. Plus there are all sorts of tutorials and videos, as well as on-line webinars you can learn from. It has really helped me get on track. I feel like I am more in control.

  3. You are focusing on your goals... I'm sure if you keep focused you will achieve.

    All the best Jan